Sew N Sew Fiber Arts, Inc. is an organization formed to provide a space and an environment for people with like interests to promote the art and practice of Fiber Arts through educational and cultural programs.  To preserve and continue the traditions, culture, and history of the arts; to develop and disseminate traditional and modern skills and techniques for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and the community at large by providing facilities and an educational atmosphere through workshops, demonstrations, and exhibits


President: Deverie Bongard (term ends Aug.31, 2023)

Vice President: Colleen Carr (term ends Aug.31, 2022)

Treasurer: Nancy Bonner (term ends Aug.31, 2022)

Clerk: Joanne Thurston (term ends Aug.31, 2023)

Board Members

Annie Dervin-Jundt (term ends Aug.31, 2022)

Maire Anne Diamond (term ends Aug.31 2023

Catherine Gentile (term ends Aug.31, 2022)

Lorraine Gotlib (term ends Aug. 31, 2023)

Mary Mahaney (term ends Aug.31, 2023)

Carole Manna (term ends Aug.31, 2022)

Pat McGrath (term ends Aug.31, 2022)