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Sew N Sew Studio Guidelines

  • Store sewing trolleys/carts under tables. Leave aisles clear.

  • Take phone calls outside or downstairs.

  • Use earphones/earbuds if listening to music/videos.

  • Use pressing cloth when using fusible. Clean any glue off iron. Use of your own iron is preferred.

  • Only sewing trash (threads, fabric, stabilizer) in wastebaskets under sewing tables.

  • Take all food/drink generated trash home with you.There is no designated food trash receptacle. There is no designated recycling barrel. Please take all recyclable cans and bottles home with you.

  • There is a dumpster at the end of the parking lot for use when emptying trash barrels. The key is hanging on the wall hooks.

  • Clean up after yourself before you leave – sweep or vacuum floor, wipe off table.

  • Unplug irons and shut of lights when leaving.

  • Last person to leave should make sure door latches and locks.

  • Parking is limited to 2 spaces against the building. Leave area directly in front of door clear. All other cars can be angle parked along driveway opposite the building.

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