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Summer Quilting Camp 2021

Thursday June 24th 11:00 AM to Sunday June 27th 2021, 3:00 PM

Franklin Pierce University

Rindge, New Hampshire

Summer Sewing Camp FAQs:



What are the sleeping arrangements?

Each townhouse has an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen. It also has a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen efficiency. Each bedroom,  has 2 long twin beds.  All townhouses are air conditioned.


Here is a link with more information (and pictures):

Are the bathrooms attached to the bedrooms?

There is a bathroom for each bedroom, but you will need to go out of the bedroom to get to it- usually across the hall.


Are linens provided?

Yes; however this is not a high end hotel. If you are concerned about soft sheets or towels, you should bring your own. The mattresses are a little on the hard side. If this is a concern, bring a soft comforter or foam pad to put on top. The bedrooms have 2 dressers and 2 closets, but there are no hangers.


Are pots and pans in the kitchen?

No. If you intend to use the kitchen, you need to bring your own equipment (pots, plates, utensil, etc.). The kitchen has a sink but no dishwasher- bring your own dish soap and towels. The kitchen has a refrigerator and a stove.


Are there any stairs?

There are stairs to get to the apartment as well as inside the apartment to get to the bedrooms. The efficiencies are on the ground floor. There are a couple of apartments which are handicap accessible.


The sewing room is on the ground floor.


Food and Meals

While most of our members will be vaccinated, we should still be responsible to the University community. In order to keep everyone safe, we do not plan to have a buffet breakfast or diner. Sew and Sew will provide a continental breakfast. Lunch will be boxed lunch sandwiches or wraps and dinner will be brought to us in individual plates. This may change depending on the vaccine

Will snacks be provided?

Only water will be provided to us in the sewing room, but there are no restrictions on what we can bring in. There will be a small fridge, a microwave oven and mugs in the sewing room, and plenty of tables to put snacks on. The only acceptable snacks have to be individually wrapped (no open containers to share).


Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Unfortunately, the low price will prevent too much accommodation. The menus have been designed so that there is a little bit of everything. The menus will be emailed to the participants ahead of time so that they can plan to bring their food if some items on the menu are prohibitive.

When are meals served?

Breakfast at Lakeside Educational Center. We hope to get coffee service, but Sew and Sew will provide, bagels, cereals, milk, hard boiled eggs, etc. and have it available around 08:00 am. Please remember that the appartments have a stove and fridge and you are free to prepare your own breakfast as long as you clean the area so we do not get charged extra for cleanup.

Lunch boxes delivered to us: 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm

Plated dinner delivered at Lakeside Educational Center: time TBD. Hopefully around  06:00 pm


The first meal will be dinner on Thursday evening and the last one will be a lunch box on Sunday.


Sewing Space

What is our sewing space like?

Our sewing space will be in the Lakeside Educational Center which is a very short walk from the townhouses on flat terrain (you can see the townhouses from the Lakeside center). It is air conditioned.


At this time, we do not plan to bring more than 12 people to allow 6 foot space for campers; however depending on the situation and comfort we could bring a few more. (The 12 person limit is one set by Sew N Sew. The university allows 20)



While the sewing room has very good light during the day, it is recommended you bring extra lights for the evening. There will be cutting and ironing tables.


The sewing room has a wrap-around deck with plenty of space for folding chairs, so do not hesitate to bring them. The deck is a perfect place to do hand work while enjoying nature.The room has plenty of windows and doors which can be opened to let air in


Is the sewing room locked at night?

You can stay and sew all night if you wish, but the last person leaving the room will need to lock it. The first person back will need to call campus security to re-open it (they arrive within 5 minutes). We will have their phone number prominently posted and they are available 24 hours.


Are there any stores or dining around campus?

There is a Dunkin Donut, a Walmart and a Market Basket within 5 miles of the campus entrance. There are a couple of diners, but Rindge is a small town.


There are no quilt shops close by. The closest ones are in Keene, Richmond or Lyndeborough - 20 to 45 minutes away.

What activities are available?

Franklin Pierce is a beautiful hilly campus, with plenty of roads and trails to walk. The sewing room is on the lake near a small beach. You are free to swim in the lake but there won’t be any lifeguards on duty.


With advance notice, kayaking and canoeing is available on Friday or Saturday- use of life jackets is mandatory.

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