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We have been asked if we can make some face masks for one of the local businesses and we are sure there are others out there who can use them.  We have posted an easy to follow How to make a Pleated Face Mask.  We are also providing links below for other types, patterns & videos- pls forward your favorite sites for inclusion  See links below for pictures of how to create openings in the masks for adding/replacing non-woven materials for added protection- Deverie has added the pocket option to the Pleated Face Mask and has provided those additional instructions here.

For those wondering if handmade face masks are worth the effort, the Deaconess Health System has asked the public to sew face masks for its staff (see article here) citing CDC procedures which allow handmade masks when other supplies are exhausted.  Deaconess Health has posted instructions and a video.


It’s up to each of us to go through our stashes and find fabric that would be  appropriate- tight woven cottons (bed sheets at 220 or higher thread count) or flannels which can be washed and steamed with an iron to sterilize- and put our sewing skills to work.  

We will place a box on the tables in the front of the studio to collect your creations.

Links to Patterns & Videos

From our Member Angela- picture of a mask with insertable opening


Pictures of ways to allow inserted material for added protection

more Masks with inner pockets

Please be aware, homemade face masks may offer little to no protection against viruses and that anyone who decides to make/use one is doing so at their own risk-- SewNSew Fiber Arts.

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