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Sew-N-Sew Fiber Arts Election

Nominations Open!!

Nominations are now open to fill 3 Board of Directors and 2 Officer positions. The positions are for a two-year term which begins September 1, 2023, and overlap with the remaining Officer and Director positions (**) which run through August 31, 2024.

The positions open for election and a description of responsibilities are as follows:

President (currently held by Deverie Bongard)

Oversee all operations of Sew N Sew, including, but not limited to, preparing agendas for, presiding over and attending all meetings.  Oversee all committees and bear ultimate responsibility for the books of the organization

Clerk/Secretary (currently held by Joanne Thurston)

Keep accurate minutes and records.  Present recorded information at the board meetings as required.  Attend to all correspondence.

Board Members (expiring appointments - Maire Anne Diamond, Mary Mahaney, Lorraine Gotlib)

The members of the board are responsible for attending all meetings and participating in the running of Sew N Sew.  They participate in matters which are required for the continued operations of the organization.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Website: content maintenance of the Sew N Sew website

  • Curriculum: develop new LEO content, solicit new instructors, provide information for publications on the website and newsletter

  • Outreach: develop and manage charity projects, coordinate and schedule same

  • Diva/Camp Retreats: oversee planning and management of retreats

  • Registration: collect and collate applications for memberships signups, LEOs and special events


(**) The following Directors are not up for re-election this year, their terms go through August of 2024.

Catherine Gentile

Nancy Dyroff

Carole Manna

Pat McGrath

-- Nominate NOW --

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