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Physical Distancing

The space has been reconfigured to allow for the maximum distance possible between members.  We are still keeping our 6’ spacing and sanitizing the tables. 


Despite these efforts, it will not be possible for members to consistently remain a safe six-foot distance from one another.  For this reason, masks are not mandated but are welcome as a personal choice.  We expect to see some creative ones!

If you use it, clean it!

It would be appreciated if you bring your own rotary cutters and small rulers.  If you need to use studio tools, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before using any of them or any of the other common equipment in the space. We have some cleaning supplies but donations of paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand soap and hand sanitizer would be greatly appreciated.


Perhaps most importantly, please do not enter the space if you feel unwell or:

  • Have or had signs of a fever, a measured temperature of 100.0 degrees or greater, a cough or trouble breathing within the past 24 hours;

  • Have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by your doctor or a local public health official; or

  • Have had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19.

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